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Gog is destroyed. Both Israel and the World finally understand Who is the Lord

December 4th, 2022

Gog - aka the Anti-Christ - is brought into Israel for the final defeat of the enormous global army raging against Him (and also raging against Israel, His wayward covenant people to whom He remains faithful). The victory of the King of Kings clarifies it all: the Jewish people then understand who is their God as well as why they've suffered so much trouble over the millennia. The nations finally understand they had been utilized by a righteous God for His righteous purposes. God is glorified in all people who will come to this now obvious revelation and serve Him. 

The Anti-Christ, identified, is called into Israel by our Mighty God

November 12th, 2022

The identification of the Anti-Christ and his hordes is evident, thanks to scripture. The "difference" of fourth beast of Daniel's chapter 7 vision is understood, and we as believers can rest in the knowing of Who is doing what, and when, and where, and even why. God is fully sovereign and in control.

Anti-Christ identified as Gog, we head towards ”Latter Days” understanding

November 5th, 2022

The "prophetic signposts" pointing us to what is to occur in the "latter days" of this age, we lay hold of some clear and wise understanding of biblical prophecies as well as our position and potential in these turbulent days, as representatives of the soon and coming King Of Glory. 

Revealed to the saints: Gog is the demonic ruler of the last days attack on the people of God.

October 30th, 2022

Pressing in to the scriptures of the Lord, and even the history of those scriptures, we come to sober understanding and opinion re the dramatic conclusion of this age and the leader of the dark final charge - for both (a.) our own success and (b.) the salvation of others. The upcoming days are not easy days, but they have been foretold us by prophets of our great God, Who has things firmly under control. Next session: on to Ezekiel and the how it plays out on the stage on humanity.   

Eyes-wide-open Balaam sees clearly to prophecy of Israel’s destiny

October 22nd, 2022

By Numbers 24, Balaam has dramatically and even painfully encountered the true God of Israel. For this moment he sees to speak an oracle of heaven re the Savior, the conclusion of the Age, and the Anti-Christ, aka Gog.

Balaam the prophet: his being utilized by our God for our edification and understanding

October 16th, 2022

Our journey towards Ezekiel's prophesies concerning Gog as Antichrist take us deeper into an understanding of who can or cannot curse the people of our God. There's lots for us to learn re the critical nature of the prophetic realm and the ministry of prophecy - to equip us for the days ahead as our God pours out His spirit on His people for His purposes, only. 

Gog introduced by the prophet Balaam, in the prophet Moses’ Book of Numbers

October 2nd, 2022

On our journey into understanding several eschatoloical (pertaining to end-of-age) chapters in Ezekiel, we begin our deeper look into the book of Numbers and what is referred to as the Balaam Chronicles, where in my prayerful opinion Gog (of Ezekiel mention) is most likely first prophetically introduced to us by Balaam, (a wild and compromised prophet, but a prophet nonetheless), written about in Numbers by the prophet Moses. There is much to comprehend and understand on many levels in these scriptures, not only regarding end-of-age activity, but also so that we might be successful in our personal walks with God during these days of promised outpouring.

Gog and his role in the end times plan of God - Session 01

September 24th, 2022

We begin a series carefully wandering from Numbers into chapters 35-39 of Ezekiel (and elsewhere), delving into certain prophecies, certain mysteries and certain "certainlies" - those certainlies being plans of God that will surely occur at the time the Lord has appointed. Along the way, we will learn of the accountability, requirements, potential and accountability of anyone who would speak and prophecy in the name of the Lord. We're here for these days, and our ongoing conversion and transformation into holy people, along with our growth in understanding the word and the will of God, assures us success in Him. 

Ephesians - A Recap, a Revelation of God’s Time & Timing, an Invitation

September 3rd, 2022

This episode covers lots of ground, from God's timing of His plans on earth to the purposes and empowerment available to His people in these most critical days. If you're looking for one episode of this Ephesians teaching to listen to, this is it. 

Our God’s revealed will, priorities and perfect order = success and peace

August 27th, 2022

During critical, turbulent and troublesome times - both now and ahead - we're assured that our God has established a supernatural sabbath rest, as well as success,  in His will, timing, and purposes. Having done all, we stand. 

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